The Party Revisits the Scene of the Crime to Cheer Itself Up
It works!

With the feeble-minded Gagrah in hand, the party was ready to negotiate with the Captains of Hurghun, establishing that they don’t have any problem with their dominance in Wolfport and don’t need to be hunted down and killed. Mork decided that before doing that, they should establish another problem with the Captains by using their underground access to the Collegium Magicka to invade it and steal all shit that wasn’t nailed down. Wolfcaller spent a day acquiring a new animal companion first—no mean feat in the bowels of a major city, but by touching the swamp beneath the stone, he made friends with his Dire Rat, with the decidedly non-dire name of Ruffles. Wolfcaller, Mork, and the Spear of Grummush were up for the raid.

In the basement of the Collegium, the party discovered that the Captains had tightened security a little after the last time the party was leaving corpses around the place. Two guards were waiting for them with what the party quickly dubbed a “backpack mage”—human former resident of the tower with his legs cut off and his arms and mouth bound. They untied him and demanded a fireball, which he set off on himself to end his agony. At the top of the stairs, guards shouting about Gagrah dumped barrels of fuel oil down the stairs, and the quick-thinking Wolfcaller—still in the form of a rat—called flame down from the heavens to the stop of the stairs and ignited the oil there. The party barely managed to escape out of the fissure in advance of the firestorm, with Wolfcaller sealing the path behind them.

Mork, having learned his lesson, is determined to invade the burning building, hoping to catch a break from the confusion caused by the fire.

Mork, Wolfcaller and Spear get 1400 xp

A visit to the library and some shopping
September 8, 2012 and subsequent missing updates

The party continued to fight their way through the elemental temple beneath the Collegium Magicka, seeking out Gagrah in order to sell him to the Captains of Hurghuun. Having already dismantled a pair of fire elementals, the party confronted a pair of rock elementals that emerged through gaps in the tiling on the floor. The party fell back as it did and took massive amounts of damage, until it was backed into the rock hallway from which they had entered the room in the first place. The final rock-creature to drop battered at the tiled walls of the temple, but was returned the plain from whence it came before it could get into the hallway and start cutting loose on the orcs from above, below and every which way.
With that the parties approached the door at the far end of the temple, found a triggered dart trap in the door and behind it small but richly appointed library dominated by a creepy fresco of a fair-haired elf or human in robes and carrying a black halo about his head, creepily, a in which Gagrah, having been poisoned by a dart, was laughing (and drooling!) like a child, having apparently tried to burn some of the books and scrolls in the library, several written by the same author, Correlan Crofter. The party being a bunch of rampaging orcs, they ripped down everything valuable from the walls, grabbed every book that looked remotely magical or rare, hoisted the barely-sensate Gagrah up on Mork’s shoulders and then soaked the library in oil and lit it up before successfully escaping from beneath the Collegium Magica.

Once out, the party wondered maybe what Gagrah was doing down there beneath the mage college burning books. Unfortunately, the magic necessary to neutralize the poison in Gagrah’s thinking parts was beyond Krolo’s ken. While the party was liquidating some of its moveables, Mork asked a merchant where he could find someone skilled enough in magic to neutralize poison. When the orc told Mork to try the guys occupying the Collegium Magica, Mork told him to suggest someone else, at which point the merchant agreed to actually lead them to an alternative mage, while his son sneaked out another way to sell their location to the Captains. The party fought a deadly showdown in the streets with a Captains hit squad, after which they hunkered down in the same place they had slept the previous day in order to avoid the Captains and decide how to steal everything in the Collegium Magica.

Mork gets 933 XP
Paunch (it’s pronounced “Punch”) and Krolo get 1500 XP

Loot (from all encounters since the Collegium)
6000 gp liquidated value
Stuff on Tanarr: magical greatspear (unidentified)

Break enchantment
Mass reduce person
Arcane Sight
Water Breathing

Making New Friends, Killing Them
May 26, 2012

The party was slinking the day away in a damaged storm sewer beneath a street in the west end of Wolfport, preparing to make a beeline out of town to get away from Punch’s erstwhile “friends” when Krolo’s watch was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of the one-armed orc that had previously tried to warn Punch of a threat to his life which, in retrospect, was probably warranted. Krolo woke up the party to introduce this fellow, who went by the name Akinarr and looked like he had seen better days. He’d been on the run in the city for well over a week, and told the party a tale of something that Punch had only slightly opened up to the party about: the Captains of Hrrghun, a secret society among the Throatcutter tribe dedicated to disciplined combat and orcish domination. But apparently precisely what the Captains are dedicated to is in question, even among the Captians: Akinarr, student of Tanarr, reported of a feud between two highly-regarded orcs of the order, Tanarr and Gagrah. Gagrah has most of the power in the organization in hand and was pursuing Tanarr, who was seeking to meet with Punch when Punch was killed.

But enough of that: why shouldn’t the party kill Akinarr right now? That’s what the party wanted to know. Akinarr didn’t have much to offer them: Tanarr was on the run, trying to find some artifact in the city that he believed was of great importance, but he couldn’t do much to keep the party from getting killed. And Akinarr rather guilelessly assured the party that Gagrah wouldn’t have any trouble with them now that Punch was dead, so long as the party knew nothing about an artifact in Gagrah’s possession, a ring of iron with pointed arrows stretching from its center to the hub, which in fact the party had acquired from humans fleeing Ravens Nest and given to Punch, who had in turn given it to Gagrah.

The party decided to respond to Akinarr’s request for help, following him to the north end of the Wolfport Collegium Magicka, where he had last seen Tanarr, who claimed that he had found a secret passage into a secret library within the mage tower. Here, the party met with two orc mages, who had travelled far in search of loot and the magical knowledge of the failing Eneyan Empire. Because these orcs seemed friendly, and knew a little bit more about Tanarr’s last whereabouts than Akinarr, the party murdered Akinarr and dragged his body into a tenement and from thence into battle-damage beneath the street and then into a water drain on the Collegium Magicka’s grounds. After the party killed two guards, they found themselves exploring an increasingly creepy space devoted to some sort of organization within the Collegium studying, among other things, the construction of golems and other automata, often with the aid of dead humanoid flesh. Triggering (and eventually avoiding) numerous traps, the party found its way from a golem manufactory into a strange place—temple or the like—that appears dedicated to either the study of the elements or the worship of elementals—two of the fire variety of which the party dispatched with just before the end of the session.

Level 5: 1100
Level 7: 770

April 28 Recap
Shopping With Surprise

The party, successfully retreating from the circus, made its way back to Punch’s friends, the merchants who supplied the bags of holding earlier, and gave his body to them. They gladly accepted, and were willing to accept payment from the party in exchange for the bags of holding and additional magical goods . . . at extortionate, city-in-chaos rates. After concluding business, Mork remembered to go back and ask Punch’s friends if they knew the identity of the mage that attacked the party after the fight in the circus, hoping they might know who he was on the basis of his face (seen via his severed head) or some tattoos (flayed crudely off the body). The tattoos were indeed significant, and were also seen on several members of the group of Punch’s friends—the “captains” he had once called them—resulting immediately in a knock-down, drag-(unconscious members of the party)-out fight through the streets in the southern half of the capital.

The party regrouped in a half-opened storm drain for the day, sleeping off their cuts, getting spells, and generally agreeing with Mork that the best plan at this point was to just get the fuck out of dodge with their loot and hope not to meet any members of the Captains again. Unfortunately, they’ve met at least one—the one-armed fellow, strongly matching the description Punch gave of the orc who gave him a warning, who snuck up on Krolo during his watch.

He wants to talk.

March 24, 2012
a surprise in Wolfport

The party made it to Wolfport, a riven, sacked city fought over by warring gangs and tribes. Punch called in the help of more of his mysterious friends, who loaned the party bags of holding to transport the gold in exchange for the promise to take out the muscle and leadership of a gang of Limbrippers holding another section of the city. The party retrieved the gold and slept the night in a inn in Wolfport.

In the early morning, Punch received a strange warning, given by a one-armed orc that broke into Punch’s room to warn that Gagrah, one of his “friends” in the camp outside Raven’s Nest meant him harm and shouldn’t be trusted. Punch told his companions a little more about his friends—an order of warriors, capable of recognizing each other by signs and passwords, but he was reluctant to give up more information than that.

The party nonetheless decided to take on the Limbripper tribe, given that the Limbrippers were unlikely to have any connection to Punch’s people or to Gagrah. The Limbrippers controlled a colosseum and offered to fight comers in exchange for prizes. The party signed on to fight what turned out to be, strangely, two constructs of flesh, made of arcane science—things that a bunch of rowdy limbrippers should not have at their disposal. They fought, but in a daring charge, Punch fell. And then, out of nowhere, the party was hit by a fireball cast by a mage watching from the stands. Mork and Wolfcaller leapt to the stands and cornered the mage, who died before giving up information. The party fled the mayhem, dragging Punch’s body, back into the city . . . .

the campaign prior to uploading

The orc tribes of the central lands on the southern continent of Minara are invading and occupying the Eneyan Empire, sacking and plundering human cities as they go. One group of green warriors and scouts joined a late-departing war party, travelling deep into the northern reaches of the continent, to the mountain fortress of Raven’s nest. Among the warband were

  • Nustar, an old, grey, mottled, shrunken cleric of Grummush, long in the southern swamps and well past his usefulness, and his newly acquired assistant, the young neophyte Krolo the Assiduous.
  • Mork, a wild warrior, son of a merchant from the orcish city of Kylae out of favor with his house
  • Punch, a strangely disciplined fighter, also from Kylae
  • Wolfcaller, a half-orc fled from a largely human order of druids that protect wildlands now overrun by warbands
  • Rayburn, a brutish lout of tremendous strength and meager reason

These few were already drawing apart from the rest of the warband, united by skill and circumstance and daring as they scouted ahead of the remainder of the band on the way to Raven’s Nest, battling repeatedly with a tribe of gnolls and slaughtering a group of human warriors and paladins, stealing from them a strange artifact—a wrought metal circlet interspersed with a web of arrows radiating out from its center.

Upon arriving at the disorganized, sprawling, illness-plagued camp of orcs spread around the outer walls of Raven’s Nest, Punch made contact with a strange group of rather wealthy and influential friends, most of the Throatcutter Tribe, orcs with an unusual disposition to order and discipline. These friends—and particularly two imposing fellows with the names of Tanarr and Gagrah—asked the party to perform tasks in exchange for rewards, including unusual relics and weapons that they and their associates were trading with the less organized warriors in the camp. They readily agreed, and Punch readily gave to them for safekeeping the strange relic that they had captured in the mountain passes.

The party went into old tunnels carved by dwarven architects beneath the exterior wall, and sent in goblin sapper-slaves to undermine the walls to their death. There, before achieving success, a startling event occurred: Nustar appeared to go mad, demanding that Krolo be sacrificed to Grummush to sanctify the coming attack. The party killed him, but even after death he appeared to act and move until his body was hacked to pieces.

But the party was too bold to hang back: with Wolfcaller’s command of the elements, they burrowed into the outer city and wreaked havoc, setting fires and stealing human trinkets and children for slaughter. Harassed by a mage and the town guard, the party lost Rayburn, but freed a humiliated prisoner of the human armies, Danko. Finally, fleeing the city, the party encountered a train of three wagons under guard of a paladin and a sorcerer, but were unable to stop the flight of all but one wagon—which spilled gold into the street, bars of raw gold that the party snatched before they were compelled to flee outside the collapsing city walls.

Hungry for more plunder, the party was ready to return to the city with the invading forces—weakened as they were with a terrible fever overwhelming the ability of the army’s clerics to cure. Gagrah advised Punch, however, that the fall of the Eneyan Empire would not be ensured by give more warriors banging at the inner walls of the citadel, but by the skilled band chasing down the remaining wagons, which were carrying a payment of gold to satisfy the imperial debt and restore the alliance between the humans and the elven empire of Al’Darra on the northern continent. Punch was able to get the party—including a newcomer, the mentally deranged orc who believes himself to be the divine Spear of Grummush—to agree to the pursuit, which took them to the shore of the Middle Sea. The gold had already made it onto a boat, which they sank, then spent days recovering through the magic of Danko and Wolfcaller a good portion of the gold from the seabed, fighting off seabeasts drawn to the blood.

Flush with wealth, and with more on the seabed, but no way to spend it, the party secreted the gold sought out the nearest city: the former human city of Wolfport, by the capital of Wolfsblood. . . .


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