The Party Revisits the Scene of the Crime to Cheer Itself Up

It works!

With the feeble-minded Gagrah in hand, the party was ready to negotiate with the Captains of Hurghun, establishing that they don’t have any problem with their dominance in Wolfport and don’t need to be hunted down and killed. Mork decided that before doing that, they should establish another problem with the Captains by using their underground access to the Collegium Magicka to invade it and steal all shit that wasn’t nailed down. Wolfcaller spent a day acquiring a new animal companion first—no mean feat in the bowels of a major city, but by touching the swamp beneath the stone, he made friends with his Dire Rat, with the decidedly non-dire name of Ruffles. Wolfcaller, Mork, and the Spear of Grummush were up for the raid.

In the basement of the Collegium, the party discovered that the Captains had tightened security a little after the last time the party was leaving corpses around the place. Two guards were waiting for them with what the party quickly dubbed a “backpack mage”—human former resident of the tower with his legs cut off and his arms and mouth bound. They untied him and demanded a fireball, which he set off on himself to end his agony. At the top of the stairs, guards shouting about Gagrah dumped barrels of fuel oil down the stairs, and the quick-thinking Wolfcaller—still in the form of a rat—called flame down from the heavens to the stop of the stairs and ignited the oil there. The party barely managed to escape out of the fissure in advance of the firestorm, with Wolfcaller sealing the path behind them.

Mork, having learned his lesson, is determined to invade the burning building, hoping to catch a break from the confusion caused by the fire.

Mork, Wolfcaller and Spear get 1400 xp



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