March 24, 2012

a surprise in Wolfport

The party made it to Wolfport, a riven, sacked city fought over by warring gangs and tribes. Punch called in the help of more of his mysterious friends, who loaned the party bags of holding to transport the gold in exchange for the promise to take out the muscle and leadership of a gang of Limbrippers holding another section of the city. The party retrieved the gold and slept the night in a inn in Wolfport.

In the early morning, Punch received a strange warning, given by a one-armed orc that broke into Punch’s room to warn that Gagrah, one of his “friends” in the camp outside Raven’s Nest meant him harm and shouldn’t be trusted. Punch told his companions a little more about his friends—an order of warriors, capable of recognizing each other by signs and passwords, but he was reluctant to give up more information than that.

The party nonetheless decided to take on the Limbripper tribe, given that the Limbrippers were unlikely to have any connection to Punch’s people or to Gagrah. The Limbrippers controlled a colosseum and offered to fight comers in exchange for prizes. The party signed on to fight what turned out to be, strangely, two constructs of flesh, made of arcane science—things that a bunch of rowdy limbrippers should not have at their disposal. They fought, but in a daring charge, Punch fell. And then, out of nowhere, the party was hit by a fireball cast by a mage watching from the stands. Mork and Wolfcaller leapt to the stands and cornered the mage, who died before giving up information. The party fled the mayhem, dragging Punch’s body, back into the city . . . .



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