Making New Friends, Killing Them

May 26, 2012

The party was slinking the day away in a damaged storm sewer beneath a street in the west end of Wolfport, preparing to make a beeline out of town to get away from Punch’s erstwhile “friends” when Krolo’s watch was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of the one-armed orc that had previously tried to warn Punch of a threat to his life which, in retrospect, was probably warranted. Krolo woke up the party to introduce this fellow, who went by the name Akinarr and looked like he had seen better days. He’d been on the run in the city for well over a week, and told the party a tale of something that Punch had only slightly opened up to the party about: the Captains of Hrrghun, a secret society among the Throatcutter tribe dedicated to disciplined combat and orcish domination. But apparently precisely what the Captains are dedicated to is in question, even among the Captians: Akinarr, student of Tanarr, reported of a feud between two highly-regarded orcs of the order, Tanarr and Gagrah. Gagrah has most of the power in the organization in hand and was pursuing Tanarr, who was seeking to meet with Punch when Punch was killed.

But enough of that: why shouldn’t the party kill Akinarr right now? That’s what the party wanted to know. Akinarr didn’t have much to offer them: Tanarr was on the run, trying to find some artifact in the city that he believed was of great importance, but he couldn’t do much to keep the party from getting killed. And Akinarr rather guilelessly assured the party that Gagrah wouldn’t have any trouble with them now that Punch was dead, so long as the party knew nothing about an artifact in Gagrah’s possession, a ring of iron with pointed arrows stretching from its center to the hub, which in fact the party had acquired from humans fleeing Ravens Nest and given to Punch, who had in turn given it to Gagrah.

The party decided to respond to Akinarr’s request for help, following him to the north end of the Wolfport Collegium Magicka, where he had last seen Tanarr, who claimed that he had found a secret passage into a secret library within the mage tower. Here, the party met with two orc mages, who had travelled far in search of loot and the magical knowledge of the failing Eneyan Empire. Because these orcs seemed friendly, and knew a little bit more about Tanarr’s last whereabouts than Akinarr, the party murdered Akinarr and dragged his body into a tenement and from thence into battle-damage beneath the street and then into a water drain on the Collegium Magicka’s grounds. After the party killed two guards, they found themselves exploring an increasingly creepy space devoted to some sort of organization within the Collegium studying, among other things, the construction of golems and other automata, often with the aid of dead humanoid flesh. Triggering (and eventually avoiding) numerous traps, the party found its way from a golem manufactory into a strange place—temple or the like—that appears dedicated to either the study of the elements or the worship of elementals—two of the fire variety of which the party dispatched with just before the end of the session.

Level 5: 1100
Level 7: 770


The life-span of a one-armed orc is never as long as the one-armed orc would like it to be, but Gruumsh would have it no other way. Praise Gruumsh!!

Making New Friends, Killing Them

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