April 28 Recap

Shopping With Surprise

The party, successfully retreating from the circus, made its way back to Punch’s friends, the merchants who supplied the bags of holding earlier, and gave his body to them. They gladly accepted, and were willing to accept payment from the party in exchange for the bags of holding and additional magical goods . . . at extortionate, city-in-chaos rates. After concluding business, Mork remembered to go back and ask Punch’s friends if they knew the identity of the mage that attacked the party after the fight in the circus, hoping they might know who he was on the basis of his face (seen via his severed head) or some tattoos (flayed crudely off the body). The tattoos were indeed significant, and were also seen on several members of the group of Punch’s friends—the “captains” he had once called them—resulting immediately in a knock-down, drag-(unconscious members of the party)-out fight through the streets in the southern half of the capital.

The party regrouped in a half-opened storm drain for the day, sleeping off their cuts, getting spells, and generally agreeing with Mork that the best plan at this point was to just get the fuck out of dodge with their loot and hope not to meet any members of the Captains again. Unfortunately, they’ve met at least one—the one-armed fellow, strongly matching the description Punch gave of the orc who gave him a warning, who snuck up on Krolo during his watch.

He wants to talk.



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