A visit to the library and some shopping

September 8, 2012 and subsequent missing updates

The party continued to fight their way through the elemental temple beneath the Collegium Magicka, seeking out Gagrah in order to sell him to the Captains of Hurghuun. Having already dismantled a pair of fire elementals, the party confronted a pair of rock elementals that emerged through gaps in the tiling on the floor. The party fell back as it did and took massive amounts of damage, until it was backed into the rock hallway from which they had entered the room in the first place. The final rock-creature to drop battered at the tiled walls of the temple, but was returned the plain from whence it came before it could get into the hallway and start cutting loose on the orcs from above, below and every which way.
With that the parties approached the door at the far end of the temple, found a triggered dart trap in the door and behind it small but richly appointed library dominated by a creepy fresco of a fair-haired elf or human in robes and carrying a black halo about his head, creepily, a in which Gagrah, having been poisoned by a dart, was laughing (and drooling!) like a child, having apparently tried to burn some of the books and scrolls in the library, several written by the same author, Correlan Crofter. The party being a bunch of rampaging orcs, they ripped down everything valuable from the walls, grabbed every book that looked remotely magical or rare, hoisted the barely-sensate Gagrah up on Mork’s shoulders and then soaked the library in oil and lit it up before successfully escaping from beneath the Collegium Magica.

Once out, the party wondered maybe what Gagrah was doing down there beneath the mage college burning books. Unfortunately, the magic necessary to neutralize the poison in Gagrah’s thinking parts was beyond Krolo’s ken. While the party was liquidating some of its moveables, Mork asked a merchant where he could find someone skilled enough in magic to neutralize poison. When the orc told Mork to try the guys occupying the Collegium Magica, Mork told him to suggest someone else, at which point the merchant agreed to actually lead them to an alternative mage, while his son sneaked out another way to sell their location to the Captains. The party fought a deadly showdown in the streets with a Captains hit squad, after which they hunkered down in the same place they had slept the previous day in order to avoid the Captains and decide how to steal everything in the Collegium Magica.

Mork gets 933 XP
Paunch (it’s pronounced “Punch”) and Krolo get 1500 XP

Loot (from all encounters since the Collegium)
6000 gp liquidated value
Stuff on Tanarr: magical greatspear (unidentified)

Break enchantment
Mass reduce person
Arcane Sight
Water Breathing



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